US-led Coalition Deliberately Kills Civilians and Destroys Syrian Infrastructure

Under the pretense of fighting terrorism, the US-led coalition Air Force continues to destroy infrastructure facilities in Syria, thereby not only depriving the civilian population of basic living conditions, but also endangering the lives of thousands people.

Recently, the official Damascus has called on the UN to make the US-led coalition stop targeting the Euphrates and Tishrin dams and surrounding areas to forestall a looming catastrophe.  Syria’s Deputy U.N. Ambassador Mounzer Mounzer wrote this in a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the Security Council, released on Thursday.

In the official letter it was also written that the total destruction of these dams that are being targeted by the air strikes will wash away and flood cities and villages in Aleppo, Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor, endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in those areas. In addition, Mounzer Mounzer warned that if dams were damaged, the only source providing drinking water to residents of nearby provinces would be shut off, and Syria’s electric grid, which had already been severely damaged because of the attacks and crimes committed by armed terrorist groups, would be paralyzed.

It should be mentioned that that this is not the only case when facilities of Syrian civil infrastructure turned into targets for the coalition Air Force. On March 16, during the evening prayer that was traditionally attended by hundreds of residents of the village of al-Gina in the Syrian province of Aleppo the coalition Air Force carried out a deadly air strike on the mosque, killing more than 40 people. Civil defense official Yahya Jawad said that during the air strike there were more than 200 people in the mosque.

In its turn, the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) did not deny it, and recognized that the air strike was carried out by the Air Force of the international coalition. Col. John J. Thomas, a spokesman for the Central Command, hastened to justify the actions of the coalition, making a  false statement that the air strike targeted a large gathering of al-Qaeda members meeting in a building across the street from the mosque.

In addition to criminal actions in Syria, the coalition Air Force often conducts indiscriminate attacks on the Iraqi territory. Thousands of refugees and a humanitarian disaster – this is what the Iraqi Mosul is now. The coalition continues to bomb residential areas in the western districts of Mosul, not taking into account the fact that dozens of civilians may die as a result of its actions.

Summarizing the above, it became obvious that the U.S. tactical strategy conflicts with the accepted norms of warfare. Instead of fighting terrorism, the coalition brings only ruin and death. Analyzing the actions of the Syrian Air Forces and its allies, which are constantly accused of indiscriminate strikes, you can see that their command strikes only against the targets of terrorists and seeks to prevent casualties among civilians.

So whose fight against terrorism is more effective? Comparing the consequences of the attacks of the international coalition and the Syrian Air Force and its allies, it becomes obvious that the U.S. command is guided exclusively by barbarous methods and does not take into account the fact that ordinary people are tired of the war.


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