Washington doesn’t Keep Its Promises

Today international terrorism is a main threat to humanity. It is believed that the United States is an “uncontested leader” in the fight against terrorism because it conducts most of the anti-terrorist operations around the world.

However, under the pretext of fighting terrorism, Americans shamelessly invaded other countries and carried there only chaos and devastation. It should be mind about Afghanistan and Iraq. On December 7, however, the current United States President Barack Obama officially acknowledged that the US military campaign in Iraq in 2003 has led to the founding of ISIS.

Apparently, the current administration in Washington simply is not able to draw right conclusions from the mistakes which had been made earlier. At this time, its empty promises refer to the Iraqi Mosul and the Syrian Raqqa. In an interview to the American Daily Beast, commander of the international coalition in Iraq and Syria, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend said that it would take two years of hard work to clear the so-called Islamic State from its twin capitals of Mosul and Raqqa. However, he said nothing about any date range.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of operation in Mosul in October Townsend claimed that the capture of Mosul needs only “a few weeks”. Higher US and Iraqi leaders’ expression was more modest. In April US President Barack Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi repeatedly reported their plans to liberate Mosul by the end of this year. Last time the promise was made during a meeting between the leaders of the UN General Assembly in September.

In this case the operation to liberate Mosul conducted by the troops of the US-led international coalition has led to numerous victims among the civilians and to a massive exodus of terrorists from Iraq to Syria. According to CNN, since the beginning of the “anti-terrorist” operation in Mosul because of the strikes of the international coalition more than a thousand civilians were killed, thousands fled their homes.

Washington still can’t realize that the fight against terrorism must take place in coordination with other countries and can’t be conducted in violation of the sovereignty of independent states.


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