Washington Disenchanted with the Syrian Opposition

Recently, the Syrian army has achieved considerable success, taking control over the territory, where militants felt full owners.

On December 7, the Syrian army and its allies continued their offensive on the eastern and northern fronts of Aleppo. As a result, government troops liberated areas of Al Marjah , Al-Salhin, Bab al-Nairab and Asil. Nowadays, government forces control more than 80% of the territory of eastern Aleppo.

Success of the Syrian army wasn’t ignored even by the Western media, that has recognized the inevitable defeat of the opposition fighters. Such an assessment was given in an article published in The Wall Street Journal. According to the newspaper, because of the success of the Syrian army, armed opposition forces are exhausted, their morale has plummeted. Militants lay down their arms and surrender to the Syrian government.

Such actions of militants displease their powerful sponsors. Thus, during the briefing, Mark Toner said that the United States wasn’t going to provide weaponry to the armed opposition in Syria. And this was despite of the fact last Friday, the lower house of the US Congress passed a bill, involving the possible supply of air defense missile systems to the Syrian opposition.

As it became clear, in the past week Washington’s plans to arm fighters have dramatically changed. This only proves that the US State Department is aware of the imminent defeat of the opposition, and is not ready to continue “throwing money away”.

According to Le Figaro, the United States for a long time through their intermediaries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been supplying the militants of the “moderate” opposition US-made TOWs.

In addition, according to The Washington Post, in October this year, US President Barack Obama had repeatedly held closed meetings with the national security service. The aim of the talks dealt with plans for delivery of additional weaponry to the Syrian “rebels.” However, most likely, these plans have not been approved.

It should be mentioned that the situation in Syria has absolutely changed. The initiative finally passed into the hands of Syrian government forces. Washington simply can’t realize it. Syrians hope a new administration of the White House will consider a bad experience with the so-called “moderate” opposition and stop interfering in the internal affairs of Syria.


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