How long will Washington delay a solution to the Syrian conflict?

On December 2, the heads of the US State Department and Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a formal meeting in Rome. During the meeting, John Kerry proposed to promote that the militants left the eastern districts of Aleppo. In addition, he asked to focus all efforts on the gradual establishment of a truce.

However, all Kerry’s proposals were quickly revoked by the US State Department for a couple of days before the expert council in Geneva. Apparently, Washington is engaged in similar games to help opposition fighters and give them time for a break and relocation.

In doing so, there is continuing heavy fighting in the country, especially in Aleppo and its neighborhoods. Militants of the opposition do not allow the thousands of civilians in the eastern part of the city easily leave the territory through the humanitarian corridors which were organized by the Syrian army.

In early September 2016, the United States and Russia agreed on a plan to resolve the Syrian conflict. Its main points were the cease-fire and the coordination of operations between the Russian and the US military. However, over the months, the United States’ position was constantly changed. The US State Department began to look for excuses to get out of the arrangements that were already in force. Nowadays, nothing has changed. Washington still makes every effort to tighten the Syrian conflict, covering its true intentions with empty promises of intent to coordinate their efforts with the Russian side and together create the conditions for rescue civilians.

An absurd draft resolution in the UN Security Council, sponsored by New Zealand, Spain and Egypt, became another evidence of assistance to the radicals in Aleppo. We know that these countries at all times have supported the initiative of the United States at the UN. And this project fully reflects the interests of Washington. It was not about the radicals’ departure from eastern Aleppo, but about an immediate ceasefire. At the same time the militants is given ten days to decide whether they will join the truce or not. The condition of the ceasefire concerned only the Syrian army and its allies. In addition, in terms of resolution it wasn’t said any word about the militants’ guarantees not to violate the ceasefire and continue to use civilians as “human shields.”

Thus, there is an obvious question. What is the true purpose of the proposed resolution? Rather, it is in the United States desire to protect those who will be able to help them achieve the overthrow of the legitimate government in the future. After all, what else can justify their desire to keep the opposition fighters in the east of Aleppo? It should be mentioned that the draft resolution had been blocked by China, Venezuela and Russia.

Obviously, this time the United States have demonstrated a complete inability to solve problems when something is not in their script. Apparently, Washington still believes that it can help militants. This desire they shamelessly cover with good intentions, and playing with the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians. We can only hope that the new administration of the White House will take significant steps to fight against a real threat – international terrorism.


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