The Moment of Truth for the UN

On December 2, the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dyuzharrik said that during the operation of government forces to liberate Aleppo districts of militants there were released more than 30,000 peoples, including 14,000 children among them. Thus, today the ability to begin providing large-scale humanitarian aid to the Syrian population in the liberated areas in the eastern part of Aleppo will be the moment of truth for the United Nations.

It should be mentioned that the question of the humanitarian disaster in militant-controlled eastern Aleppo has been repeatedly raised by the US State Department, UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, the Foreign Ministry of Great Britain and France. There have been also sounded lots of loud statements about the need to help ordinary Syrians.

Recently, the representatives of these countries and organizations, in particular, UN Humanitarian Official Jan Egeland, insistently demanded to permit humanitarian convoys to get into the eastern districts of Aleppo.

In addition, on December 2, British Prime Minister Theresa May, in an interview to local media said that the Syrian government and Russia deliberately prevent the delivery of humanitarian aid to Aleppo. After such strange statements there is a feeling that the British government lost an objective view of what is really happening in Syria, in particular – in Aleppo. After all, the official Damascus has repeatedly stated its readiness to support the delivery of humanitarian supplies from the Western countries and the UN. However, in response to this, the West either remained silent or seeking new pretexts for exacerbating the conflict. It is worth noting that neither one thing, nor another benefits the hungry and exhausted people in Syria.

Nowadays, when many neighborhoods in the eastern part of Aleppo finally came under the control of government troops, the UN is simply obliged to provide humanitarian assistance to the local residents. Nobody will use multiple rocket launchers, mortars and small arms to shell the residential areas. Now the citizens are under the protection of government forces and can now breathe freely. On the other hand, in the liberated areas of Aleppo develops a difficult humanitarian situation, as the militants leaving the city mined houses, knocked out all utility facilities, leaving residents without water and electricity.

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the UN is faced with a complex task. The organization is to work for creation of a system for monitoring of hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions. Most of the work should be done by international humanitarian organizations. They have an opportunity not only in words but in deeds to help Syrians.

Over the time it becomes clear that silence and absurd statements of humanitarian organizations and representatives of some Western countries say only that they, at least, are not interested in the situation in the country and the lives of Syrians, so exhausted because of the war.


2 thoughts on “The Moment of Truth for the UN

  1. I agree with you. Western humanitarian organizations and such are not interested in Syria any longer. The UN certainly has a monumental job ahead.


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