Why Is UN Insisting on the Humanitarian Pause in Aleppo?

At a press conference held on December 1 in Geneva, the UN special envoy for Syria Advisor to the Secretary General Jan Egeland said that Syria and Russia have rejected the UN request for a humanitarian pause in the east of Aleppo. Thus he indirectly blamed it on Damascus and its allies.

His statement seems very strange, because during the whole time of the conflict in Aleppo, Syrian government announced several humanitarian pauses, and in each case they were used by militants just to regroup and continue the massive attacks on residential areas of the city.

In addition, it is known that the UN hasn’t provided any humanitarian aid to the liberated areas of eastern Aleppo. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and Britain, which have recently demanded to let the humanitarian convoys to the militant-controlled areas of Aleppo, now are keeping silent.

In turn, representatives of the UN say about the danger, which can prevent them from the delivering of humanitarian assistance in eastern Aleppo. However, it is curious to know, what can pose threat when many areas of the eastern part of the city have already been liberated from the militants, and at the request of the Syrian government, the army is ready to provide cover for humanitarian convoys.

The question arises, what is the true purpose of the UN proposal to declare a humanitarian pause in Aleppo? It is likely that the Western countries that support the opposition fighters, eager not to miss the opportunity to support them, because when Syrian government declares a humanitarian pause, they reappear time to recuperate and regroup.



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