Washington’s Dubious Justifications

According to Reuters, on November 29, Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook announced that Washington would draw the moral from international coalition’s mistaken bombing on the positions of the Syrian army in Deir ez-Zor. He also called the incident as “a departure from the high standards of the US.”

Brigadier General Richard Coe, who led the investigation, told reporters at the Pentagon on a conference call on Tuesday that the main cause of the incident was “human error”. At the same time, he hastened to justify military international coalition, saying that they were “good people trying to do the right thing. These people get it right far more often than not, but this time they came up short.”

Despite all these reasons of the “unfortunate mistake” Richard Coe made no comments the offensive of ISIS terrorists that launched after the coalition’s attack.

It is necessary to admit that saying that “human error” is the main reason of the air strikes in Deir ez-Zor, Washington tactfully withdrew from the responsibility for the death of 83 people and serious wounds of more than 100 soldiers.

Was the attack of US-led coalition accidental, or not is a big question. It is a secret that Washington always tries to count its steps ahead. And, if it mistakes, it does not recognize anything to the utmost. It is possible that in this case, Washington has chosen just the lesser of two evils. Perhaps that is why a detailed investigation report will remain so classified. Apologizing to the official Damascus and forget about the victims of the “unfortunate mistake” is much easier than to admit in facilitating terrorists.


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