Strange Statements of the UN Officials against the Syrian Government

November 22, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made a strange statement on Syria. He called the situation in the country a collective failure and added that “because of the lack of political leadership and humanity of the leaders of Syria” the international community continues to watch the death of civilians.

First, it seems strange that UN Secretary General hold Damascus responsible for everything. Second, he ignored the efforts of the Syrian army aimed at saving its citizens from the atrocities of militants and terrorists. According to the Inside Syria Media Center, the Syrian army helped more than 30 Syrians to escape militant-controlled eastern Aleppo in November.

It is even stranger that these protective measures have also been criticized by UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O’Brien. He said that humanitarian corridors in eastern Aleppo which were organized by the Syrian government and its allies are dangerous, or are considered dangerous by the city’s population, because the militants don’t allow civilians to leave the city and don’t want to respect the truce.

In addition, it should be mentioned that UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura’s speculated that the eastern part of the city would be destroyed by the end of 2016. By saying so he hints that the cause of all of this hides in ‘destructive’ actions of the Syrian troops and their allies. However, UN officials do not show similar concern for Iraqi Mosul, where US-led international coalition conducts attacks on residential neighborhoods without any respect for the lives of civilians.  So what is the real aim of these statements? Probably, not concern for civilians, but rather concern for the militants, which will be killed if the Syrian Army and its allies decide to resume air strikes on the militants’ positions in Aleppo.

Despite the preconceived statements of the UN representatives, it is increasingly evident that the Syrian army has to to win a landslide victory in the battle for Aleppo as soon as possible. Only in this case it will be possible to return to the political settlement of the conflict and restore peace in Syria.

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