Barack Obama Is Not Interested in the Liberation of Aleppo from the Militants

The Syrian Army which is backed by its allies has started to prepare for the beginning of large-scale ground operations to liberate eastern districts of Aleppo, which are controlled by illegal armed gangs. However, in spite of a state of siege, the terrorists are continuing to bombard western districts of Aleppo which are under the protection of government forces.

What is the reaction of Washington and Western countries to the situation in Aleppo? Yesterday in Berlin EU leaders and a current US president Barack Obama spoke of the need to immediately stop the Syrian government forces’ attacks on Aleppo districts held by terrorists. In addition, Obama expressed Washington’s intention to achieve a peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict. According to him, this way will prevent a new migration crisis and avoid the numerous casualties among the civilians. Presenting his proposal, Obama did not neglect to mention that these consequences were caused by the actions of the government army and its allies.

It also should be mentioned that, despite the constant accusations, Washington still has not provided any evidence of the government army’s blame for the casualties of civilians. They often sound, at least, stupid, considering that Syrian and allied aircraft haven’t been flying over Aleppo for a month by now.

Lots of Syrian experts believe that the West is extremely interested in      delay or failing of the counter-terrorist operation of the Syrian Army in Aleppo. Thus, the West provides an opportunity for terrorists’ regrouping and saves their lives. In the future, the United States and its allies might try to unite the opposition groups left in Aleppo, in order to continue fierce fighting against government forces. The fact that it will reflect the interests of Washington can’t cause any doubts.

In addition, Obama and his European allies called official Damascus to restore humanitarian access in Aleppo. We have to admit that such statements seem strange, considering the fact that since the beginning of the Syrian conflict the United States has not delivered any food or medicine to starving and exhausted Syrians. At the same time, the US State Department is actively criticizing Assad and his allies in the “uselessness” of humanitarian pauses.

So, where is the truth? Recently, Washington contradicts itself. In fact, the statements of the current President of the United States are nothing more than empty words. We can only hope that the newly-elected US president Donald Trump will behave more intelligently and realize the real danger which is posed not by the Syrian government, but by militants of the Syrian armed opposition and by various terrorist groups.

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