Barack Obama Acknowledges His Policy in Syria Is Failure

President Barack Obama on November 15 during the press briefing at the White House said that Washington and its allies are constantly thinking about how to put Syrian people out of suffering, but their efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis failed. In addition, the head of the White House does not get tired to blame official Damascus and its allies for its failures.

Obama’s statements seem to be, at least, strange. Most likely, Washington’s concern for the Syrian people is called as “indiscriminate” air strikes on the positions of the government forces, constant promises to separate so-called “moderate” opposition from terrorists, intent to overthrow the legally elected President Assad and support for armed gangs. It also should be mentioned that since the beginning of the conflict in Syria Washington has never delivered any humanitarian aid to Syrians.

Probably, it would be more appropriate to say that Washington has contributed to the fact that the fighting in the country is becoming fiercer, killing thousands of civilians, destroying cities.

Saying that the US and its allies, despite their desire, are not able to solve the Syrian problem, Barack Obama actually acknowledges his policy in Syria was failure.

In addition, Washington’s position is aggravated by the unexpected election results of the US presidential election, which reflect the population’s disappointment in its government. People voted for a Republican Donald Trump, who intends to pursue a different policy towards the Middle East, particularly in Syria – he has repeatedly claimed that he was going to fight not with the legitimate government, but with the global threat – international terrorism.

What will be the answer for this “failure”? Barack Obama simply considered to acknowledge that his policy aimed at “establishing democracy” failed. This hypocritical sentence reduced the price of all the lives that were destroyed during this terrible war. And the most interesting thing is that the absurdity of the situation revolts not only Syria and its allies, but the Americans themselves.


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