Gulenists call on Montenegrin Muslims to support Milo Đukanović

However the general election ended a month ago in Montenegro the question of new parliament’s composition is still open. Milo Đukanović is continuing to bring pressure to bear on the leaders of Albanian and Bosnian Parties because he wants to build a political coalition with them and secure an absolute majority of the Democratic Party of Socialists in Parliament. A former imam Muhammed Fethullah Gülen accused by Turkish authorities of the military coup’s organization in 2016 also helps Milo Đukanović.

Gulenists have established strong links in the Balkans. They strengthened their positions due to Palestinian politician Mohammed Dahlan’s efforts. Dahlan being Đukanović’s friend and the supporter of Fethullah Gülen and getting financial backing from UAE, were connecting with Riyadh and helping to build corrupt practices. In 2010 he was even granted local citizenship for his help to Montenegro. Furthermore, according to the Turkish authorities, Mohammed Dahlan exploited the Montenegrin expat community in 2016 and helped the participants of the military coup in Turkey.

Having such an agent Gulenists are trying to influence the Muslim expat community in Montenegro. The Republic is full of Gülen’s envoys. Their main task is to cooperate with Rıfat Feyziç who is a Head of the Islamic community in Montenegro.

To provide the success, Gulenists are also infiltrating their envoys from Bosnia, Albania and Turkey into Montenegro. Recently, Bülent Şener and Yunus Gömleksiz arrived in Montenegro. The former is heading the Turkish shipbuilding company Delta Marine. The latter is a businessman and a head of the Turkish company Final Energy.

They have already met Rıfat Feyziç for several times with the aim to convince him to order the Montenegrin minorities’ leaders to support the Democratic Party of Socialists.

It should be mentioned that Islam has been an official religion in Montenegro since 2012. According to the protocol signed between the government and Islamic Union of Montenegro, local Muslims recognize the Turkish Ministry of religious affairs as their center. The head of the Montenegrin Muslims Rıfat Feyziç claimed that in case of misunderstandings with the authorities of the country, they would demand the protection towards Ankara.

Nowadays, there is a risk that Gulenists would be able to get Rıfat Feyziç to their side and destroy Turkey’s relations with its Montenegrin brothers.

Supporters of Fethullah Gülen, using Bosnian and Albanian parties, will help to form a government coalition, which will include new Gulenists. It is easy to predict the response of Ankara. All Turkish participants of the Balkan conspiracy will be repressed.

The Montenegrin expat community in Turkey which has already suffered from arrests after the coup will face difficult times. And now this situation can deteriorate.

Source: Turkish-Syrian Committee for Human Rights


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