Who Helps Militants Conduct the Offensive in Aleppo?

According to BBC, on October 28, militants of opposition Rebels in Syria have announced a big offensive aimed at breaking the government siege of east Aleppo. It is extremely interesting that in addition to the terrorist groups “Jabhat Fath al-Sham” and “Ahrar al-Sham” so-called “moderate” opposition is also taking part in the attack.

It is strange that US-led coalition is doing nothing to eliminate terrorists.  After all, if you think it is easy to compare these two events such as militants’ attacks on Aleppo and the “liberation” of the Iraqi Mosul by the coalition. Recently The Sun reported that the US and Saudi Arab national security environments agreed to provide terrorists from ISIS with an opportunity to leave Mosul before their assault. These arrangements may seem rather strange, if not the fact that terrorists and their families are able to freely penetrate into neighboring Syria Raqqa. If you look at a map, you can see that this city is like a staging post on the road to Aleppo. Thus, the real purpose of the operation in Mosul didn’t consist of liberation of the Iraqi city and elimination of terrorists, but was   direct to the creation of so-called “terrorist bridgehead” on the way to the city, where is going a decisive battle for the future of Syria.

Moreover, the US State Department is considering the possibility of increasing the supply of heavy weaponry for “moderate” opposition. This issue was touched on October 23 in The Washington Post. It should be noted that against the background of a massive offensive actions in Aleppo, the White House’s plans to supply arms surprisingly could not have come at a better time.

 It became clear that the United States relentlessly        by any and all means want to support those who can help them to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, and to regain full control over the situation in Syria. This also explains the reluctance of the US government to separate “moderate” opposition from terrorists and Washington’s commitment to support the militant fight against the Syrian army in Aleppo.


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