US-led Coalition Doesn’t Except Its Military Operation in Al-Raqqah

Several days ago Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi announced the start of a large-scale ground-based anti-terrorist operation to liberate Mosula – the second largest city in Iraq, which has become a silent capital of the ISIS in 2014. The Iraqi army operates in conjunction with the US-led coalition, the Kurdish forces, federal police and soldiers of the Sunni community.

At present, it can be confidently said that the anti-terrorist operation is conducted faster than expected, but the coalition’s methods sometimes are more than strange. US intelligence agencies suggested terrorists to leave the city through the organized corridors.

Many political analysts agree that Washington’s plan to offer the militants a safe exit           designed not to avoidance of bloodshed, it helps ISIS terrorists to get into neighboring Syria. So what does Washington really want?

Most likely, the administration of the US State Department plans to use the militants for their own purposes – the overthrow the Assad regime. Against the background of emerging differences between the “moderate opposition” and the United States, illegitimate presence of the coalition in Syria, as well as victories of the government forces, this assumption may be true. Washington is afraid of losing control of the situation in the country, and more than that, afraid of losing opportunities to influence on different events.

In turn, the Syrian government is extremely concerned about militants who can   get into Syria and mingle with civilians. This will entail new attacks, battles and death. The statement of French President François Hollande, which states that if the leaders of the terrorist group “Islamic state” as a result of the assault Mosul will run in Raqqa, the purpose of the new coalition will be the city is also concerned. It is obvious that the coalition admits a plan of military intervention in Syria, because of French President said about it before the opening of the EU summit in Brussels.

Estimating the current situation, we can say only one thing: Washington and its allies clearly did not seek peace in the Middle East.


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