The US tends to use force in Syria

Judging by the recent actions of the US and its claims, Washington is absolutely not interested in a peaceful settlement of the situation in Syria, – Inside Syria Media Center said.

Another confirmation of this is the fact that during the speech of the permanent representative of Syria Bashar al-Jaafari at a meeting of the UN Security Council, which was held on October 8, the US, the UK and Ukraine delegations demonstratively left the hall.

It is worth noting that such demarches don’t occur for the first time. Likewise, representatives of the three countries received on September 24 during an emergency UN meeting on the Syrian issue which was initiated by them.

It is obvious that this gesture demonstrates the lack of interest of the United States, Great Britain and Ukraine in resolving the Syrian crisis.

In his turn, Bashar Jaafari said that the departure of the representatives of “colonial powers”, referring to the US and the UK, justified reluctance to hear the truth. Actions of representatives of these countries also show that they have their own plans for Syria and its people. According to him, their diplomacy is a diplomacy of chaos and coercion. In addition, Jaafari thanked the delegation which left the meeting hall for the fact that in this way they showed their true attitude toward the UN orders, the situation in Syria, the Syrian people and to the delegates.

According to Bashar Jaafari, whenever the Syrian government forces successfully start attacks on terrorist positions, then immediately a number of members of the UN Security Council are going to their aid – projects are absurd resolutions, as well as cause “false” air strikes on government forces.

Undoubtedly, speaking of absurd proposals, Jaafari was referring to the draft resolution, offered by France and Spain, which was not aimed at stabilizing the situation in Aleppo and assist “war-weary people.” A no-fly zone over Aleppo would actually be into the hands of terrorists, because then, government forces would lose their air support.

There are examples of the consequences of the proposal are to establish a no-fly zone In history. For example, in Libya, the measure used the pretext to prevent air strikes on the opposition and to save from death the local population. The corresponding draft resolution №1973 was then initiated by the US, Britain and France, who are now trying to implement a similar scenario of power in Syria. What all this has resulted in Libya have long known: come to power radical Islamists, and the country is still in a state of chaos. It is because of the situation in Libya to Europe en masse started sending migrants from various African countries.

At this time, given the experience of past mistakes, Russia blocked the French resolution and proposed the project, supporting the proposal of the UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura allow militants of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham group (form. Jabhat al-Nusra) to withdraw from Aleppo thereby to stop the confrontation with government troops.

Unfortunately for the Syrian government, an alternative draft did not receive the majority of votes in the Security Council. Instead of the discussing the draft, the US UK representatives, David Pressman and Matthew Rycroft, stated again Syria and its allies responsible for the continuation of the violent conflict.

All this proves that Washington is in favor of force in dealing with “the Syrian issue,” one of them is the introduction of a no-fly zone. It is no secret that the United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, his deputy Anthony Blinken, and other representatives of the US State Department have repeatedly stated that the administration of the White House started to develop a plan for military intervention to settle the Syrian crisis. All the more obvious it becomes that Washington’s power scenario in Syria – this is a dangerous game that could lead to much more serious consequences, which will affect not just Syria and the Middle East.


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