The White House Should Cooperate with Assad to Avoid Failure in Syria

According to Inside Syria Media Center, recently during the interview to the Syrian News Agency “SANA” Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Tourjman said that the United States is waging a proxy war using terrorist organization. That is why the US cannot attack it or separate it from the “opposition”. He also added that it is impossible to identify people who bear arms against their own nation and country as “oppositionists”- all of them are terrorists. According to him, the US intention to substitute notions is caused by its desire to turn them to advantage. According to Tourjman, the US government does not realize what it can turn into not only for Washington, but also for the whole world.

The same opinion is shared by the president of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman. According to the Czech news agency “Britské listy”, October 7, Zeman said that if the US policy in Syria ends in a fiasco, it would be solely Washington’s fault. Czech President added that Washington and US-led coalition had not been invited to involve itself in the country by any Syrian legal authority, nobody had asked for their help.

According to Zeman, the truce in Syria can be concluded only with moderate opposition but not with terrorist groups. However, the Czech leader does not believe that there is any opposition in Syria. He explained his opinion that the opposition can’t kill civilians, bombard residential neighborhoods, organize terrorist attacks, and refuse to fulfill the terms under the truce.

It is likely that lots of European politician share such kind of opinion that is heard only in couloirs. And it is possible that the position of Zeman soon will be followed by other European leaders in the near future.

In turn, Washington doesn’t hide the fact that the US strategy in Syria has failed. Thus, a week before journalists of the American news agency “New York Times” got a 40-minute audio recording, on which US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed his displeasure regarding US policy in Syria. On the record Kerry admitted that US Air Force violating the norms of international law illegally operate in Syria, his disappointment and disagreement with the Obama administration wasn’t a secret, but the during the recording Kerry complained that he was outwitted, disagreed with Obama’s decisions, and even admit to the participation of Bashar al-Assad in the future elections.

Perhaps the US administration would be necessary to listen to the opinion of the European colleagues and cooperate not only with the so-called “moderate opposition”, but also with the legitimate government in Syria. Moreover, it has been realized by the US Secretary of State John Kerry.


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