The U.S. operation in Syria can turn into a political “suicide”

According to Inside Syria Media Center, Iranian Supreme Leader’s top adviser for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati on October 2 during the interview with the Iranian News Agency FARS said the US operation in Syria would amount to “suicide” for the American forces.

According to him, military campaign in Syria can be finished as a third defeat in the Middle East after Afghanistan and Iraq. However, this failure in Syria will lead to terrible and irreparable consequences.

The adviser claimed after the American “military democratization” the situation in Afghanistan became worse than before. The country is full of pain, outrage and religious fanaticism. Afghanistan turned into the world drug dealer. According to the Afghan news portal Afghan Online Press, during the American occupation the country hugely raised production of heroin. At year-end it is expected that the Afghan workers will grow more opium and increase the operational indicator to 90% of the word’s heroin.

According to the Iranian politician, American invasion of Iraq in March 2003, had turned into a long-term, debilitating, costly war. The U.S. has spent about $3 trillion, and lost about 5 thousand people. According to the World Health Organization, in the period from 2003 to 2006 more than 200 thousand people died in Iraq.

The US occupation basically destroyed the country, creating many terrorist organizations, for example the largest one – the “Islamic State”. According to the British “The Telegraph”, Iraq became the next US geopolitical failure.

The US anti-terrorist operations in Syria can lead to irrevocable consequences. At first sight there is nothing strange that the USA explicitly supports Syrian opposition, providing it with weaponry. In addition, Washington sends military instructors in Syria and countries boarding with it for training so-called “moderate oppositionists”. That’s trip of the United States. They have been practicing this policy for several years in the Middle East. However, taking into account that there are not only oppositionists fighting in Syria but also real terrorists are, and that Washington refused to separate “moderate opposition” from terrorists it’s becoming apparent that it cooperates with militants.

“Erroneous” strikes of the US-led anti-terrorist coalition on the positions of government troops, failure to fulfill obligations under the truce undertaken in Geneva, threats against the Syrian government and its allies from the US State Department – everything suggests that Washington’s position on the world political stage could be very precarious.


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