The Syrian Army Re-establishes Order over the Country

The Syrian Army is continuing to liberate the country from militants. Government troops are successfully conducting anti-terrorist operations across the country, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations Bashar Ja’afari claimed.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), Sunday, Sept. 25, government forces conducted a          large-scale anti-terrorist operation against ISIS militant groups in Daraa. As a result Syrian Army successfully destroyed two command posts and militants’          fighting equipment in Al-Karak, dozens of terrorists were killed.

Another notable victory was in a strategically important town Al-Shaykh Maskin located in the Daraa Governorate. There were conducted violent battles for more than one month. Nowadays it may safely be said that the Syrian Army has control over 90 percent of the whole territory of the town. It should be mentioned that government forces took actions without its allies’ help. This goes to prove that soldiers’ level of training is high and their public spirit is deep.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Syrian Arab Army Lt. General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub announced that Syrian government troops confidently           struck back Daesh terrorists who had tried to carry out attacks on a village Jubb al-Jarrah in the northern part of the province Homs in Ank al-Hawa and Rahum.

Syrian Army also carried out powerful attacks on the positions of Jabhat Fateh al-sham terrorist group in Um Sharshuh, Ayn-Hussein and Abu al-Anz. As a result dozens of terrorists were killed.

Now there is low mood and depression, stress, anger and panic among the militants. The case when jihadists ran for safety to Turkey after the Syrian government forces liberate Salma is a           shining example of that. This victory was the biggest success of the Syrian army and its allies since the liberation of the airbase Kuwayris.

It is clear that the Syrian army could no longer unilaterally fulfill obligations under the truce and not to react to aggressive provocation, which killed more than 100 soldiers. It is quite understandable that the patience of the government troops expired and they went on the offensive.

It is impossible to deny the significance of the latest victories of the Syrian army. The mood of the government troops is absolutely different from what was a while ago. Now it is able to establish order over the country and return of civilians to a quiet life.


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