The U.S. has not intended to abide by the truce in Syria

According to Inside Syria Media Center, Washington and US-backed “moderate” opposition groups didn’t fulfill any of the commitments undertaken in Geneva. Recently the US-led coalition forces attacked the positions of the Syrian government armed forces surrounded by Daesh militants in Deir ez-Zor.
In total, coalition aircraft launched 4 air strikes on the positions of government troops. As a result, 62 Syrian soldiers and 34 civilians were killed and at least 120 people were wounded.
Despite the claims of the UK Minister of Defense Michael Fallon that one of the airstrikes damaged several supply lines of the IS terrorists, the coalition fighters’ attack actually only allowed the militants to launch an offensive on the positions of the government army.
In turn, European politicians are actively discussing the topic of airstrikes on the positions of the Syrian army. Danish Defense Minister Gitte Lillelunn Beck promised that if the fallacy of airstrikes’ coordination be confirmed Denmark will immediately apologize to the Syrian government. At the same time, unlike their European counterparts, representatives of the US administration were not prepared to such kind of statements. In fact, Washington simply ignores the actions of its armed forces. According to US media headlines, topics on Washington’s military operations in Syria, are not allowed to discuss and to be published. It suggests that the US government with all its might tries to keep out the information about its involvement in unlawful activities in Syria, not only of the international community, but even of the citizens of their country.
US-led “moderate” opposition units, following the example of the coalition, don’t stop trying to disrupt the “cease-fire” regime. In particular, Sep 19 terrorist group “Jaysh al-Islam” three times opened mortar fire on Harasta al-Basal and once on the position of the Syrian armed forces in Arbin.
Before the attack one of the leaders of the fringe group “Jaysh al-Islam,” Muhammad Alloush, who heads the delegation of the Syrian opposition in Geneva, despite of the agreement on cessation of hostilities, called all opposition parties to resume fighting against government forces. Such actions are a direct confirmation that the cease-fire is not necessary for the “opposition” forces. They use it only to build their own combat power and regrouping.
It also should be mentioned that Washington also doesn’t fulfill its obligations regarding the question of the separation of the real opposition forces and terrorist groups. It is evidenced by the fact that the U.S. government openly admits that some militant groups of the Syrian opposition actually are terrorists.
This suggests that the US government supports and funds the illegal activity of radicals to achieve the most important and desired aim – to overthrow the Assad regime.
US-led coalition actions in the strategically important regions of Syria demonstrate the true intentions of Washington. The United States and the opposition did not intend and do not intend to fulfill the obligations under the agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria. If the U.S. and Us-backed continue to violate the cease-fire agreement reached in Syria, the government forces will have to give them a tough resistance.


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