Washington Lies Again

According to Inside Syria Media Center, Washington’s activity in Syria is illegal. Initially it wasn’t invited into the country by Assad. Moreover nowadays the US doesn’t fulfill its obligations under the cease-fire agreement.

Though the statements of State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner about the US aspirations towards Syrian peace, Washington is continuing to support and finance moderate opposition groups. They had increased the number of attacks against residential neighborhoods are carried out in coordination with Washington. US-led rebel forces have shelled residential areas as well as the SA positions. Their mortal fire has also hit areas in the district of al-Ansari while positions of the SA were targeted by guided anti-tank missiles in the same district.

It’s necessary to advert the fact that US also doesn’t want to separate terrorists and moderate opposition, normal and radical opposition. The main aim is to support and finance them. There is only one thing that is really important for them – to oust Assad’s regime.

Undoubtedly Washington is straddling Syrian crisis issue – Mark Toner’s never-ending lie, US support and finance moderate opposition groups. Its actions also have an extremely negative impact on the implementation of a humanitarian mission in Syria. Constant shelling prevents the formation of new humanitarian corridors, endanger civilian lives.

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