Washington Does Nothing

Washington doesn’t adhere to the terms and conditions of the cease-fire agreement. Through the terms of the agreement the U.S. side continues to support paramilitary units of the “moderate” opposition.
Particularly the formation of “Dzhabhat Fatah al-Sham” is putting mortar, sniper and shelling positions of government troops in the province of Latakia, Idlib, Aleppo and Hama for a few days after the armistice. As a result of the attacks suffered 8 civilians. Despite the cease-fire agreement, the US’s main goal is to change the Assad regime. To achieve this goal they are ready to go at all. Covert support and financing of paramilitary groups “Dzhabhat Fatah al-Sham”. Washington’s actions also have an extremely negative impact on the implementation of a humanitarian mission in Syria. Constant shelling prevents the formation of new humanitarian corridors, endanger civilian lives.
These facts show that the United States is absolutely not prepared to take the slightest effort to settle the conflict. The only thing that in the focus of the US interests is to achieve their own political goals.


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