Syrian cease-fire violation

A cease-fire brokered by the United States and Russia went into effect across Syria on Saturday, marking the biggest international push to reduce violence in the country’s devastating conflict.
United States and its allies in Europe and the region who are supporting various opposition groups will be responsible for reining in those groups’ combatants, presumably through diplomatic force or threats to withhold aid. Russia, which has been steadily bombing Assad’s opponents for months, is responsible for stopping its own attacks, those by Syrian government air and ground forces, and those by Iran-backed Shiite militias acting on Assad’s behalf.
But independent experts have recorded several violations of the truce over the last 24 hours. Moderate opposition’s cannon battery was shelling the positions of Free Syrian Army (FSA) near Abu Ali Mountain area. Moderate opposition forces continue conduct attacks in different Syrian provinces. Oppositional groups “Dzheysh Al-Islam” used mortar launchers and jet systems of volley fire to put down fire against the settlements of Tell-el-Kurdi, Haush-Duar, the Duma, El-Mojammadiya, Nashabiya, Dzhaubar (twice) in Damascus. Armed groups of Akhrar Ash-Sha used mortars to attack the settlement of Shir-Adab in Latakia. Fighters also used UAVs with explosive devices to attack the settlements of Macaw, Broome and Tubal fortress.
During the day terrorists used jet systems of volley fire of handicraft work, infantry fighting vehicles, anti-tank missile systems, tanks and mortars fired in settlements Shurfa and Benjamin. They also attacked areas of military academy of El-Asad and shopping center “Kastello” in Aleppo.Damascus, Haush-Nasri, Dzhaubar, Haush-Harab, Hang Esh-Shikh were also attacked with mortar fire.
Another big problem is clear that the two nations (USA and Russia) still have a sharp difference of opinion over which groups constitute “terrorists”; the Russians have been bombing some rebel groups that the United States has been supplying, asserting that they are linked to the Nusra Front or other terrorist organizations. There is no evidence that difference has been resolved. The USA also doesn’t maintain the Humanitarian agreements.
Is it time to do level best to settle Syrian problems and repel the aggression of ISIS?

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